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NASCAR Hall of Fame, Checker Flag or 5 Car Wreck


  • Shawn


    Final Thoughts:

    During iRacing, I was going with Ricky Bobby ideology of racing “Only one speed ~ Fast” which in return I shared some rubbing time with the wall.



  • Jerry

    Final Thoughts

    What I enjoyed the most from my visit at the Hall was how it brought you every aspect of NASCAR and how it all started from the moonshiners to the 1st race at Daytona Beach to the Super Speedways of Talladega! Its great how the Hall allows you to test your skills with the simulator and pit crew tests. I would recommend a visit to anyone who loves NASCAR like me!


  • Josh

    What I liked about the Hall of Fame?

    The history behind NASCAR, the memorabilia in the glass cases, the interaction activities.

    It was an all around good time.